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Add Aspire card to your Google Pay wallet to enjoy super easy, fast and secure checkout online and in-store at your favourite merchants.

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Simple steps to start making contactless payment


Open Aspire account and
download the Google Pay app.


Add your Aspire card,
verify by entering your card details


Pay everywhere that accept GPay and contactless payment

Secure way to pay

Worry and paper free, your money is safe
GPay store all your payment information safely, connect once, pay without entering account detail or sharing your card information to merchant.

Goodbye messy papers. Say hello to digital card and automated expense tracking.

Seamless payment with just your phone

Enable seamless tracking alsoof your day-to-day business expenses with a single account and card integrated to Xero.
Checkout in-store and online
No need to open GPay app, just hold your phone near the cashier terminal in store.
Online purchase? checkout in few clicks!

Commonly asked questions

What is an Aspire Account?

The Aspire Account is a business account that allows you to send and receive money for your business operations.

How can I connect the Aspire card to Google Pay?

Here's a guide with screenshots to help you

Are there any extra charges for using Google Pay?

None. Enjoy the best FX rates offered by Aspire card

Where can I use Google Pay to make payments?

1. If you have an NFC enabled phone (Andriod or iOS), you can use it to make contactless payments anywhere in the world. In Singapore, we love buying kopi and taking MRT rides using our Aspire card

2. You can use it to pay online at mechants that accept Google Pay

I'm not able to verify the Aspire card on Google Pay using the 'call your bank' option. What should I do?

Use the SMS verification option instead

Does the spending limit I've set also apply to transactions using Google Pay?


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Your funds are safeguarded in trust

Your funds are kept strictly segregated in a trust account with a tier-1 partner bank which is safeguarded in accordance with the Payment Services Act, following MAS guidelines on the same

Secure and private

We implement the highest digital security encryption and access protocols. Customer privacy is central to our build and we never share your data.

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